Hi. i'm Matt.

I'm a Webflow Developer & UX Designer increasing value for businesses and their customers by creating delightful and straightforward experiences.




Understanding the business goals and the problems we are trying to solve for our users is always the start of my UX process. This includes stakeholder interviews, OKR's and timelines.

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I like to use a variety of business methods to research the problem. These methods help me understand who I am designing for so I can create optimal product for the business.

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Using tools such as user flows and user journey maps we strive to create solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible. This will insure we get the best designs and solutions while we start designing.

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I use Figma/Sketch/Adobe XD to create wireframes, high-fidelity designs, and prototypes. Figma is my current tool of choice as it allows me to collaborate closely with all who are involved.

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Testing and reiterating designs is vital to making the best product as efficiently as possible. I use tools such as analytics and usability testing to iron out early issues with first stage designs.

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Webflow is my tool of choice to create HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I can host projects within the software or export the HTML, CSS and Javascript to be used elsewhere.

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About ME

I was listening to a podcast, when I heard this quote for the first time – these words sparked my curiosity towards the world of design.

“We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” - Winston Churchill

Upon graduating from BYU with a degree in cognitive psychology, I applied and was accepted into DevMountain’s UX/UI immersive bootcamp. There I fully engaged in the UX process. I learned UX research methods, UX strategies and how to create high value designs and prototypes.

“We make our choices, thereafter they shape us.”

Since graduating I have been employed as UX designer for two and a half years at Clearview Live, Online Image, and now Remodal Media. Using my experience in behavioral research and user interface design, I create solutions based on data that will delight and engage users. I thrive in conditions where I'm tasked to take complex requirements and simplify them into engaging, easy to use interfaces.


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Hope you're day is going well! If you ever want to collaborate, talk about design, or just say hi, reach out to me here: