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I can develop designs in html, css and javascript using webflow. This includes animations and interaction design. If there is an appointed developer then I typically use figma for developer handoff. This figma file always includes comprehensive documentation as well as all the design assets that a developer needs; including images, colors, typography, components etc.

Methods Previously Used = Design Handoff Meetings, Figma, Webflow, Etc

Webflow Development

If needed and if the project allows it, I develop design assets within Webflow, a design software that creates HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Because of Webflow’s powerful design, I can create front-end code easily and efficiently. It typically takes me one to two days to create all the assets needed for an entire project. These assets can be exported and handed off to developers or deployed within the Webflow software.

Development Handoff

Figma’s code tool is great for collaboration and handoff with developers. I typically share final design files with developers, allowing them to pull css styles, colors and typography from the designs. In addition, I like to share designs early on, this allows developers and stakeholders to leave questions and feedback as I bring the designs to fruition.

Development Assets

This is an example of the development assets that I created for Pillar to Post. We used this to facilitate more efficient and cleaner handoff with our developers. This file includes colors, typography, images and all necessary components for developers.